Different and the Same

A Folk History of the Protestants of Independent Ireland

Deirdre Nuttall
Ebook edition available

Different and the Same is a folk history of the Protestants of independent Ireland. Using their own words, this work tells the stories of their own and their ancestors’ experiences as members of Ireland’s biggest cultural minority. In the process, what emerges is a broader understanding of Protestants as a socio-economically diverse element of Irish society united by shared narratives, of their engagement with Irish tradition and history, and of the particular traditions and experiences that have historically defined them as a distinctive cultural group.

Drawing principally on extensive ethnological field research and on individual submissions to the National Folklore Collection elicited for the purposes of this book, Different and the Same explores a rich body of primary material that explores the nature of the Protestant experience of Irishness.

Deirdre Nuttall

Deirdre Nuttall is a writer, ethnologist and researcher. She studied folklore and archaeology at UCD and took a Master’s degree in social anthropology at the University of Durham, before returning to UCD to complete a Ph. D in folkore/ethnology. She has carried out research in Ireland, Newfoundland and Guatemala. As well as writing and researching independently, she has ghostwritten a large number of personal and business memoirs.