The Terror War

The Uncomfortable Realities of the War of Independence

Joseph E.A. Connell
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During the Irish War of Independence the British and the Irish sides often reflected one another. Both the Irish and the British did well in some areas, and were deficient in others. But both sides used terror – murder – burnings – shearing women’s hair – to intimidate the Irish population. British Field Marshal Henry Wilson said of the Black and Tans: ‘It was the business of the government to govern. If these men ought to be murdered, then the government ought to murder them.’ Michael Collins could equally chillingly say: ‘Careful application of terrorism is also an excellent form of total communication’. The actions of the British and Irish frequently mirrored one another – an uncomfortable reality of the War of Independence. This book examines the trauma of the times – both the exceptional and the ordinary – through a diverse range of topics.

Joseph E.A. Connell Jnr

Joseph E.A. Connell Jnr is the author of Dublin Rising 1916 and Who’s Who in the Dublin Rising 1916, published in 2016 by Wordwell Books. He writes a regular column in History Ireland and is a regular contributor to Newstalk’s Talking History programme